So You Only Played Today - 3rd April

An opportunity to find out what is meant by playful learning, what it requires of the adult and how it prepares children for lifelong learning. The sessions will cover: -

3rd April - Session: Opportunity to discuss and explore a curriculum that emphasises amplification rather than acceleration by presenting challenges without frustrating or overwhelming leading to better outcomes for all children.

DATES: 3rd April, 13:30 - 15:30


FACILITATOR(S): Kelly Kerry, Kelly Royle, Suzie Jones and Wendy Colebourne, Teachers

AIMED AT: FS1 and FS2 Leads and Practitioners

HOW TO APPLY: To book your place on any course please call Laura or Stacey at Harrington Nursery on 01332 769821 or email below.

PAYMENTS: All courses (apart from the conferences) are included in the NEEDU Annual Package, which runs across the financial year (April - March). If you are interested in any sessions but your school does not purchase the package, please get in touch to find out the costs to attend.

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Laura Bagley