NEEDU @ The Hub

DEYTS develops CPLD (Continous Professional Leadership Development) programmes in partnership with alliance partners who are a talented team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners from within education.  We ensure that every opportunity to develop your professional role to help create an environment for improvement within your school is provided through expert training and support.  We systematically review our offer to ensure that current thinking and best practice is pivotal to all delivery.

NEEDU @ the Hub (Networking Early Education in Derby) is a school driven CPD programme which offers high quality courses through experienced and recognised course leaders.  DEYTS supports and now leads on this CPD programme and has a very close link with the School Headteachers to ensure that the programmes are shaped around school needs.  

As a school driven CPD service we are well aware of the challenges that schools currently have.  We have therefore worked hard to ascertain the needs of schools and develop a programme which is responsive and relevant to all schools.  As a group of schools we know that nothing is more frustrating than investing in CPD for your staff that does not impact on your school.  We have tried to ensure that all of our courses have a practical impact on the practice of those attending, their school and their children.





This programme runs across the financial year, April - March, and the current costs are £650.  This includes access to weekly sessions (There is also a pay as you go option). 

If you as a school are interested in this programme, please contact Laura Baddiley, for further information and an example termly timetable.