New To EFYS - Characteristics Of Effective Learning

The three characteristics of learning are: Play and Exploration, Active learning, and Creativity and Critical Thinking. 

They describe the characteristics of lifelong learning and are important for everyone involved with young children, parents and practitioners alike. We will be looking at the role of the adult and the role of child initiated play in supporting these different aspects of how children learn. Reference will be made to Metacognition and Self-regulation approaches (sometimes known as ‘learning to learn’) which aim to improve learning by getting learners to think about their own learning.



DATES: 29TH NOVEMBER 2018 13:00 - 15:00 OR 15:30 - 17:30

VENUE: Harrington Nursery School, Harrington Street, DE23 8PE

FACILITATOR(S):Janet Mitchell - Headteacher, Whitecross Nursery School

AIMED AT: New to EYFS or Refresher Training

HOW TO APPLY: To book your place on any course please call Laura or Stacey at Harrington Nursery on 01332 769821 or email below.

PAYMENTS: All courses (apart from the conferences) are included in the NEEDU Annual Package, which runs across the financial year (April - March). If you are interested in any sessions but your school does not purchase the package, please get in touch to find out the costs to attend.

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Laura Bagley