Early Phonics

£300 per delegate (£150 for any additional delegate)

The Phonics Package aims to support schools in order to:

  • increase the percentage of children passing the Phonics Screen

  • improve medium and long-term attainment in literacy

  • improve short-term attainment with Communication and Language.

This will be done by asking schools to focus on pre-conditional speech and language and other, developmental skills which allow children to successfully engage with phonics teaching and learning activities regardless of the phonics programme being used.

The Phonics Package is aimed at FS1 and FS2 practitioners, EYFS and Literacy Leaders. Practitioners working with older children where there is a higher level of literacy need may also wish to attend.

Practitioners will also be asked to complete a Pre-Conditional Skills Checklist with all of the children they work with. Along with the training, this will allow schools to make informed decisions about what the developmentally appropriate next-steps are for each child, and look at how to address and differentiate these needs across the cohort. Practical solutions will focus on creating opportunities for skill development within the environment, interactions, making the most of incidental opportunities along with planned activities for skill development.


The Phonics Package will involve:

  • 4 full days and 1 half day of training sessions

  • A closer look at the pre-conditional skills children need and to introduce the Pre-Conditional Skills Checklist

  • An opportunity to look at the pedagogy of this approach, looking at how to prepare children to formally learn written language but also identifying the children who need to create earlier opportunities for.

  • A session to look at taking a couple of pre-conditional skills, looking at these skills more closely, and most importantly offering practical solutions for facilitating these skills within the environment, interactions, planned and incidental learning opportunities in order to embed and maximise phonics teaching and learning

  • One and a half days focusing on the 7 aspects as outlined in Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds: i.e. the importance of Phonological Awareness and Phonemic skills that enable children to make good progress in phonics. The sessions will examine the skills, knowledge and pedagogy of the 7 aspects and include teaching ideas to support each of these

In addition, your school could buy a half-day support visit at a charge. Prior to the visit, the Pre-Conditional Skills Checklists for the cohort will be analysed in order to make the visit as focused as possible. Afterwards, a Pre-Conditional Skills Action Plan will be written, detailing and affirming current good practice and also highlighting next-steps. It will also help to confirm more significant skill gaps for individual or groups of children and offer next-steps.  Please get in touch to discuss this further if you are interested.

The Phonics Package Will Involve:

18th January 2019 (9am - 3.30pm) - a full day training session to look closely at the pre-conditional skills children need and to introduce the pre-conditional checklist.

25th January 2019 (9am - 3.30pm) - a full day session looking at the pedagogy of this approach.

8th February 2019 (9am - 3.30pm) - a full day session for all practitioners, looking at a couple of pre-conditional skills more closely and offering practical solutions for facilitating these skills.

12th March 2019 (9am - 3.30pm) - a full day training sessions focussing on the 7 aspects as outlined in Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds.

28th March 2019 (9am - 12pm) - a half day focussed on the importance of developing listening comprehension extending vocabulary, preparing for reading and reading for meaning.

All events held at Harrington Nursery School


For more information or to buy the early phonics package please fill in the form below or contact Laura Baddiley - 01332 769821 / lbaddiley@harrington.derby.sch.uk

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